3D Fusion

3D Printing  with 3D Fusion Printers are designed to make a signage manufacturer’s life easier and is a must-have for every signage company. Large format 3D-printers are transforming the way advertising are created. This new generation fabricator is very economical and time-saving and have a workforce that no human being can equal. It does not need any support, small quantities of material is being used and the printer never sleeps.

The custom-designed bed-size is 800mm x 600mm and can print up to 130mm high. The filament used for printing is PETG ( Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) which endures high UV-levels. We currently have 12 colours available, but any pantone colour can be matched on request.

The unique dual-extruder system is designed to print at a very fast speed of up to 50mm/s with a 2.7mm nozzle. The semi-automatic bed leveling system is implemented to print your return 100% accurate with no wastage. CURA, the open-source software used, is straightforward and can easily be mastered.  3D Fusion is any signmaker’s ultimate dream machine